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Why Women Should Consider Women-Only Firearm Classes

Women-only firearm classes have become one of the most popular ways for women to get comfortable using a gun. At Split 2nd Training, we believe women should not only understand the basics of firearms, but try to disconnect the negative stigmas and associations around women only needing guns for protection. This association that women should only handle
guns in life-or-death situations can lead to them not feeling comfortable if those situations ever should arise. Our goal is to break stigmas, and women-only firearm classes are a great place to start. Here are a few reasons why the women who attend our classes appreciate them:

Women typically need more firearm basics.

Let’s go ahead and say that this isn’t a bad thing! Most of this comes from a culture that perpetuates that women should only hold guns for safety. Men also outpace women as gun owners and users. We believe women should have ample opportunity to become comfortable with firearms and break the negative associations with them. But for a whole lot of reasons that often prevent women from learning about guns, women come to our classes needing the basics. Our courses help women of all backgrounds feel comfortable first knowing the essentials of gun safety, stance, and use.

Women often feel more comfortable.

There’s an assumption (a very laughable one) that men magically know more about guns than women. For better or worse, this often leads to some women staying silent when they have questions about firearms for fear of asking a “dumb question.” (Again, there are no dumb questions, especially when it comes to firearm safety.) We’ve been told by women in our women-only classes that they felt more at ease and comfortable asking our instructors questions without fear of being judged.

Women realize they’re not alone.

It can feel daunting, isolating, and even uncomfortable to be the only woman in a predominantly male class. Our women-only classes give you the support and opportunity to bond with other women who are also there to learn more about gun safety. We’ve heard from women in the past that these classes helped them build more confidence and camaraderie with other women.

At Split 2nd Training, Florida’s premier concealed carry trainers, we want people of all backgrounds to know the essential rules of firearms so they can feel confident and comfortable properly handling guns. Safety of firearm users and those around them is a priority, and these rules should never be overlooked or compromised — especially not when someone’s life could be at stake. To learn more about our classes, see which one is a fit for you.