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Why Gun Safety Matters for Kids and Young Adults

Regardless of your stance on gun control, one thing that everyone can (and should) agree on is the importance of firearm safety. Gun-related accidents and incidents can have devastating consequences, and it’s essential for young people to understand and practice firearm safety. In Florida, you can get your concealed weapon or firearm license after 21 years of age. However, by laying the foundation of both comfort and knowledge around guns earlier, you can help your kids prepare for getting their CWFL. 

Gun safety saves lives

The first and most obvious reason why you and your kids should care about firearm safety is that it literally saves lives. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2019, over 39,000 people died from gun-related incidents. Many of these deaths could have been prevented through proper gun safety measures. 

Keeping firearms locked up and out of reach of children can prevent accidental shootings. Proper handling and storage of firearms can reduce the risk of suicide or homicide.

Kids can stay kids longer

This feels a little counterintuitive, right? However, exposing a kid to something more “adult” like a gun can actually help them prepare better for harsh situations down the road. Gun-related incidents can have a significant emotional impact on those involved, including survivors, witnesses, and family members. By understanding and practicing firearm safety, young people can reduce the likelihood of being involved in or affected by a gun-related incident. They’re also better prepared for any situation where they find themselves in one of those incidents. 

Young adults can prep for owning their own firearms

Understanding and practicing firearm safety at a young age can promote responsible gun ownership down the road. Some young adults might choose to exercise their Second Amendment rights and own firearms. For them, understanding and practicing firearm safety is crucial in ensuring that they are responsible and law-abiding gun owners. This includes proper handling, storage, and usage of firearms, as well as obtaining proper training and education. 

That means that from an early age, kids need to know the following: 

  • Guns should always be stored unloaded and locked, and only responsible adults need to know how to unlock storage boxes
  • Never get a gun out unless a parent or other responsible adult is there to supervise
  • Say no to handling guns at a friend’s house
  • Always assume a gun is loaded 
  • Never point a gun at anyone, even if you think it’s unloaded

Call us biased but there are numerous reasons why young people should care about firearm safety. Everyone can agree that gun safety is of the utmost importance. Young people should educate themselves on proper firearm safety measures and put them into practice. If you want to feel more confident around guns so you can teach great gun ownership to your children, give us a call at 866-441-2911 or schedule a class with us