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The Importance of Firearm Safety Training

You may think gun ownership is rare in the United States, but it definitely is not. More than 70 million people in the United States claim to own a firearm. That is about 22% of the total population!  From those 70 million firearm owners, just about 18 million have a concealed carry license.

Responsibility of Concealed Carry Permit

Concealed carry permits can be a useful tool to most experienced citizens. Obtaining a concealed carry permit requires a firearm safety training certificate. You must take this class to learn the do’s and do nots of concealed carry gun ownership. This class will give you the experience and education necessary. We believe this is a very important step in being a responsible owner of a firearm.

Necessary Knowledge for Concealed Carry Permit

  • Basic firearm safety rules
  • State laws including where you can and cannot carry
  • Proper shooting stances
  • Parts of a pistol
  • How to clean a pistol

Check Your Concealed Carry State Requirements

You first want to make sure you understand all guidelines and requirements before applying for a concealed carry permit. Check your states .gov information for concealed carry requirements. 

Find the Best Concealed Carry Class Near You

There are firearm safety training courses all across the country. The best option is to research who offers courses near you, check the prices and sign up! It is usually around fifty dollars and you will complete the course with a certificate of completion for your concealed carry permit.