Florida Concealed Carry Hybrid Class - Split 2nd Training
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Florida Concealed Carry Hybrid Class




This hybrid online concealed carry class allows you to complete the majority of the training online at home.  Once you complete the online training then you will schedule an appointment with our instructor to complete the in person live fire portion and receive your certificate of completion.

You MUST complete both parts to be able to obtain your certificate of completion.

During this hybrid online concealed carry class you will learn the following after completion of both parts:

  1. Weapon/Firearm Laws including Self-Defense
  2. Locations you can and can NOT carry your firearms/weapons
  3. When you should and should NOT use your weapons
  4. Basic Fundamentals: Sight picture, stance, hold, and much more
  5. Basic Safety for you, your family, and in your home
  6. State Required Live Fire (This will take place in the classroom, we will not have to leave)
  7. Benefits of Firearms Legal Protection.
  8. Apply for License: How and where to apply for your Conceal Carry License!
  9. Your Reward: You will receive your Certificate of Completion at the end of class.

We are ready to be your go to training facility for self defense and weapons education!
Start your education with this informative Florida Concealed Carry Class.  After this class we will be adding more classes to further your education and comfort.

We will be adding new class locations, dates, and times on a continual basis.  Keep checking back with us for new and updated class schedules.
Not in North Florida for this class? Do not worry, we have classes all over the state, see our full calendar by clicking to see all our Concealed Carry Classes.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns about the class.
For a quick response please call (866)-441-2911  or send us an email at: [email protected]