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How to Treat a Firearm with Respect

If you’ve ever gone to a firearm class or looked into gun safety, you’ve probably heard the phrase “treat your firearm with respect.” But what does that mean? How do you treat an inanimate object like a living thing? At Split 2nd Training, we teach people of all backgrounds how to treat their firearms with respect. Here are the practical, tangible ways you can apply this idea the next time you’re out at the range.

Treat people with respect first.

“Wait, weren’t we supposed to be talking about guns?” Yes, but treating others with respect is foundational to how you use your weapon wherever you are. Always think about how what you’ll do affects the lives of those around you. If you’re at the range, listen to your instructors. We don’t care how long you’ve had your concealed carry; if our instructors tell you to do something, follow those instructions. Respect those in class with you. People come to our classes from all backgrounds and with any number of reasons to take a class. Don’t scoff at questions or make fun of a missed shot. Everyone is there to learn. How you treat other people says a lot about how you treat your gun, so start with treating people with the value they deserve.

Always treat a gun like it’s loaded.

This is the core tenant of gun safety. Always act like your firearm is loaded. In short, this means don’t be stupid with your firearm, even if you’re in the company of friends at a range. Leave no room for error. Gun accidents happen because people assume a gun doesn’t have anything in it, start toying with it, and before you know it, a shot goes off and someone gets hurt.

Realize that the gun you’re holding can cause irreparable damage.

Remember our earlier point about treating people with respect? This point ties into valuing their lives. Any firearm you have can damage someone for life, in any situation and under any circumstance. A day out hunting or at the range with friends can turn dire if someone isn’t careful. Keep in mind the damage your firearm can do, and you’ll be less tempted to swing it around or toy with it.

Keep your finger off the trigger until you’re absolutely sure you’re ready to fire.

One of the biggest misconceptions about firing a gun comes from those action movies where the hero constantly keeps his finger on the trigger. Any gun owner should keep their finger off the trigger until they’ve ensured their target is clear. Keeping your finger on the trigger can lead to poor shots, and those poor shots can lead to injury. Always aim without your finger on the trigger.

Store your gun like the most valuable item in your home.

Sure, your gun might not cost as much as your luxury car or even a nice set of jewelry, but the damage guns can cause from improper storage can be worth far more than the nicest things you own. Store your guns unloaded and locked in a safe. Wipe down your unloaded gun to remove sweat or fingerprints to minimize the chances of rusting. Keep an inventory of what guns and ammo you have, and also where those items are stored. This can help you ensure nothing goes missing. At Split 2nd Training, Florida’s premier concealed carry trainers, we want people to know the essential rules of firearms so they can feel confident and comfortable properly handling guns. Safety of firearm users and those around them is a priority, and these rules should never be overlooked or compromised — especially not when someone’s life could be at stake. To get started with our safety training, check out our upcoming classes.