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Florida Constitutional / Concealed Carry Class in Alachua May 28


10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Alachua, Florida Constitutional Carry Class $49.99. Learn from the best! Concealed Citizen classes are taught by experienced law enforcement, military, and first responders, either FDLE or NRA certified.   Seeking to learn more about Florida Law and proper handling techniques?  We are the class for you, our class ensures that you have a great foundation on the laws that pertain to you in Florida.

Still interested in learning more about getting your Florida Concealed Carry License?  No worry our classes still offer and provide the training to exceed the state guidelines and is the ONLY class that you will need to apply for your Florida Concealed Carry License.  If applicable and you attend a class for the Concealed Carry License we provide everything you need for the class, even the firearm to train with.

SEATING IS LIMITED!  Select your number of tickets and secure your seats today!


During our fun interactive class in Alachua Florida we will cover:

  1. Weapon/Firearm Laws including Self-Defense
  2. Locations you can and can NOT carry your firearms/weapons
  3. When you should and should NOT use your weapons
  4. Basic Fundamentals: Sight picture, stance, hold, and much more
  5. Basic Safety for you, your family, and in your home
  6. This class will also meet state requirements should you desire to apply for your Florida Concealed Weapons License

We are ready to be your go to training facility for self defense and weapons education!
Start your education with this informative Florida Constitutional Carry Class.

Training and Education should never stop, after this class we will be adding more classes to further your education and comfort.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns about the class.
For a quick response please call (866)-441-2911 or send us an email at: [email protected]

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