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4 Reasons Civilians Should Take a Tactical Training Class

When most people hear the words “tactical training,” they probably picture rolling on the ground with a gun or military-style room clearance. While Tom Cruise might do that in a Mission: Impossible film, that’s not exactly what a tactical training class would involve. Here are some reasons civilians should take tactical training classes like the ones offered by Split
2nd training:

1 – Gives people better awareness of their surroundings

Awareness is important for anyone wanting to be more observant about the world around them. Tactical training can teach you how to read your surroundings more accurately despite stressors. Some people let stress rule their cognition, and this leads to people grossly misjudging what’s going on. Tactical training gives participants the tools to take in everything
before making a call.

2 – Improves mental training under stress

Our bodies react in one of two ways when under stress: fight or flight. For many people, flight is a key response, and it’s a bit of a misnomer. Before either flight (or even fight) kicks in, most people will freeze first. Tactical training helps the brain figure out how to move past that “freeze” mode and work logically to fight back if needed. For any gun owner, this training helps your body stay calm while having a loaded weapon in your hand and reduces the risk of stress triggers.

3 – Gain confidence in capabilities

Taking on any tough training can help people build mental fortitude and give people the confidence that they can handle themselves in tough situations. That confidence goes beyond our Split 2nd classes. Many participants tell us they feel more confident at work, at the gym, and in other activities.

With confidence also comes the opportunity to lead. Leadership in crisis situations isn’t something one typically thinks of. However, in some situations, skilled leaders can keep others safe or provide guidance for people confused on what to do.

4 – Decrease reaction time

Fearfully freezing, even for a moment, can affect someone’s safety during a crisis. Tactical training can help your body assess a situation faster and improve your reaction time to the benefit of overall safety. Taking down that reaction time can make a huge difference in a high-risk situation.

Tactical training classes can help in more ways than just these four! At Split Second, our instructors make sure participants leave feeling confident and in control. From physical training to shooting on the move, our tactical training courses are one-of-a-kind. Learn more about our tactical training options here, and keep tabs on our upcoming events page for the latest class offerings.