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you from a 
Victim to a Victor!

Transforming you from a Victim to a Victor!

Dedicated to firearm safety and education

Our staff at Split 2nd Training are law enforcement, former military, and former first responders. We ensure your success with an efficient and passionate team.

We believe it’s a split-second decision that can change a person’s life forever. That is why we are passionate about what we do at Split 2nd Training.  This includes training in Florida’s New Gun Laws, concealed carry laws and best practices.

We give you the instruction needed to build confidence, transforming you from a victim to a victor, all while having a good time with a few laughs in between.

We are here to help you in any way we can,
Gary Pittman – Owner

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Our classes

Get Safety Trained

Learn Florida Law, situational awareness, scenarios, and firearm qualification! You DO NOT need to bring your firearm.


Receive your Certificate

Upon completion of our class you will receive your Florida Approved Training Certificate.

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Apply for your CCW

Visit your local participating tax collectors office to complete the application and apply for the Florida CWFL (CCW)

Our Team

Split 2nd Training has the best and brightest instructors in the industry that teaches THE NEW FLORIDA GUN LAW for concealed carry/firearms safety training. 
Over 30,000 trained citizens

Check Out Our 5 Star Reviews!

April 25, 2023.
Definitely would recommend. Great class very informative. Gary & Steve was amazing teachers.
Calvin Becker
Calvin Becker
April 2, 2023.
Good course imo this should be required before applying for a concealed weapons permit .
Robert Vartanian
Robert Vartanian
March 26, 2023.
Being an instructor for over 30 years, this was a well run, professional class. There were a good amount of personal stories to clarify points but not on the verge of being 'war stories' or self promotion. I do believe that about half of the people in the room had zero firearms experience. This put them in the wrong class. They should have already had a basic firearms class. I think this should be needed before this class. Not required by law, but necessary.
Tami Payne
Tami Payne
March 25, 2023.
Awesome class. Totally worth my time. Very informative on Laws. Thanks Gary..
adrian gonzalez
adrian gonzalez
March 19, 2023.
Gary is a amazing Coach a lot of information really need it of you want to carry a weapon, highly recommend
Brooke Beveridge
Brooke Beveridge
March 15, 2023.
Gary and his team were absolutely amazing. I took this course to gain knowledge before I got my concealed permit. So many questions were answered and his course really makes you realize what a privilege and responsibility carrying a gun comes with. Definitely recommend to everyone!
Robert Lancaster
Robert Lancaster
February 26, 2023.
Tony was fantastic. He let us know he was newer to the training sector but you couldn’t tell. Entire process was laid back, but professional and engaging. I’ve been through multiple trainings and concealed classes and Tony ranks among the top. Thank you!
Tavo Randall
Tavo Randall
February 26, 2023.
Received Basic fundamentals & knowledge that you (need) to know . .